Stomach Fat - How to Get Rid of it

Stomach fat can be very annoying and ruin your sense of self esteem. I have always seemed to have a chubby stomach even though I am not at all that chubby overall. I have always had slim legs, hips and so on but my stomach has always seemed to have a spare layer of fat around it! That has always seemed so unfair to me as I could not wear tight tops for fear of my stomach fat showing and I hated wearing swim-wear too.

Women have all different body shapes but some women have excess stomach fat like myself that they just want to be free of. I finally found success in getting rid of my stomach fat after years of effort. Basically, I found that to get rid of my excess stomach fat I had to go on a sensible diet and excercise plan and include abdominal excercises in my daily routine.

After a short while of getting the right routine I found it very easy to lose weight and lose my excess stomach fat. No diet or excercise routine can change your body type or general shape but I found that I have a particular body type that stores excess fat on the stomach causing me much grief with excess stomach fat in the past. A great diet and excercise plan can however help you lose excess weight and tone your stomach so your abdominals are toned. This combination of diet and excercise can make the most dramatic changes!

For myself, the most difficult barrier to overcome was my addiction to fast foods and sweets. Not that I ate a huge amount everyday but I would eat a few sweet things daily and this made it very hard for me to stick to a diet as sweets are high in calories and I hate going hungry. Also, I was not at all that clued-up on exercise and tended to put off exercise as I did not know what I was doing and did not like going to the gym looking like a fool.

Some of my successful actions were eating more fruit instead of sweets and avoiding buying sweet foods in the first place. I would always buy sweet foods in the past with the promise that I would make them last all week - but that never happened! Also, you can often fit in extra exercise in your daily routine without much effort. For instance, I now walk to and from the train station each day and this adds up to an extra 45 minutes of exercise daily which is really cool. The thing that helped me lose excess stomach fat most of all though was really getting myself educated on correct diet and exercise to lose stomach fat in particular. Click here to find out more about how to get rid of stomach fat!